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Yachting is a passion for many people who love the sea, the sun and the adventure of sailing. But what if you can’t travel to your favorite destinations or attend the most prestigious boat shows and regattas? Don’t worry, there are plenty of online events that can keep you connected to the yachting world and offer you inspiration, education and entertainment.


Online events in the yachting industry, such as boat shows, super yacht forums, and ceremonies showcasing new models, offer numerous benefits. Firstly, these events provide a convenient platform for enthusiasts, industry professionals, and potential buyers to connect and engage from anywhere in the world. Attendees can access a wealth of information, presentations, and discussions without the need for travel expenses or time constraints.

Online boat shows allow exhibitors to showcase their latest models and innovations to a global audience, expanding their reach and potential customer base. Participants can virtually explore the showcased vessels, view detailed specifications, and even interact with representatives to gather information or schedule further discussions.

Super yacht forums facilitate industry knowledge-sharing, networking, and discussions on topics ranging from design and engineering to sustainability and regulations. These events bring together experts and enthusiasts, fostering collaboration and driving advancements in the industry.

Ceremonies unveiling new yacht models can be conducted online, allowing manufacturers to generate excitement, create anticipation, and attract potential buyers. Attendees can witness the unveiling, learn about the features and design, and engage in discussions with the manufacturers.

In summary, online events in the yachting industry provide limitless possibilities, offering convenience, global reach, knowledge-sharing, and interactive experiences for participants, ultimately driving innovation and growth in the sector.

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Online yachting events

Online yachting events can provide you with different types of content and experiences, such as:

  • Information: You can learn about the latest news, trends, and innovations in the yachting industry, such as new yacht models, designs, technologies, and services. You can also get valuable insights and tips from experts and professionals on various topics, such as navigation, safety, engineering, management, and more.
  • Education: You can improve your skills and qualifications as a yachtsman, crew member or captain by taking online courses that cover different aspects of yachting, such as sailing, powerboating, radio operation, engineering, purser training, and more. You can also get certified by reputable organizations and link to partner schools for practical examinations.
  • Entertainment: You can watch live streams or replays of some of the most exciting and glamorous yachting events, such as boat shows, regattas, awards ceremonies and parties. You can also enjoy stunning views and images of beautiful yachts and destinations around the world.
  • Networking: You can interact with other yachting enthusiasts, fans and professionals by joining online communities, forums and blogs. You can also participate in online meetings, workshops and discussions with selected companies and individuals that offer products and services for yachting.

Online yachting events are a new way to experience the sea from the comfort of your home or office. They can help you stay updated, informed and entertained in the world of yachting. They can also inspire you to plan your next yachting adventure when you are ready to travel again.

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