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Embark on a digital voyage with Alterdock’s premier 3D yacht modeling service, tailored to enhance your yacht’s sale, marketing, management, and shore support. Commence with a year-long pass to our cutting-edge platform, where our comprehensive toolkit and dedicated professionals await to elevate your yachting enterprise. Beyond the initial term, we’ll ensure your custom digital yacht transitions smoothly into your exclusive Wikipoint Metaverse domain.

Please note that while our services offer a broad preview, the finer details are dictated by the actual yacht model provided by your yacht’s architect or builder. Should you need a model, we’re adept at procuring them from established marketplaces, subject to the acquisition of proper licenses, a process safeguarded by Smart Contracts and legal counsel.

Our process is straightforward: we host your yacht design for a year, granting you a virtual office presence at yacht fairs. When your subscription concludes, the digital model is yours to keep, privately.

Navigate the Metaverse with Alterdock at the helm, blending legal precision with digital craftsmanship. Provide your blueprint, and let us forge your bespoke virtual yacht.

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Dive into the pinnacle of virtual yacht design with Alterdock’s bespoke 3D Model Yacht offering, tailored for vessels ranging from 35 to 50 meters and up to 500 GT. Over a year, we meticulously refined this immersive model to captivate and engage, ensuring it’s perfectly aligned with the grandeur and sophistication of your vessel.

Our digital yacht is a masterpiece of virtual interaction, designed to revolutionize media content creation and user engagement. It transcends the boundaries of traditional yacht ownership, offering your discerning clientele an unparalleled alternative experience.

At Alterdock, we create enchanting virtual environments that redefine the presentation of your products and services. Ideal for clients, teams, or investors, our virtual marina serves as an expansive interactive showroom, setting the stage for business achievements that exceed expectations with our value-added support services.

The Alterdock platform is a dual-purpose wonder, functioning as both a showcase and a collaborative hub. It allows for seamless project tracking, effortless communication, and a rich array of experiences, from live-streamed happenings to tranquil 3D tours.

Our service highlights:
– A browser-based, multi-user 3D platform.
– A versatile virtual yacht marina, showroom, and multifunctional event and workspace.
– Multi-channel support for comprehensive connectivity.
– Customizable 3D yacht models and sophisticated avatar personalization.
– A content management system for streamlined content control.
– Integrated multimedia communication capabilities.
– E-commerce links for an uninterrupted digital experience.

Embark on the Alterdock journey and reach out to explore how we can customize a digital solution that launches your business into a new era.

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About Us is a project fromAlma Yachting that creates digital Yachting experiences in the metaverse, with ambition, innovation and care.


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