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Yacht 3000 GT


Embark on the elite Alterdock experience with our bespoke 3D yacht model service. Initially, enjoy a full year’s license to our collaborative platform, enhancing your yacht management and shore support space and full platform tools and team. Afterward, the digital creation can be transferred for use within your own Wikipoint Metaverse.

Please note, that while the insights provided aim to cover potential scenarios, they are preliminary and not definitive. The actual model must be supplied by the yacht builder or designer. We can source certain models, from marketplaces, yet specific authorizations and permissions will be required, all managed under a Smart Contract with legal assistance.

Here’s how it works: Upon importing your design, it resides on Alterdock for a year, complete with a virtual office space usable during yacht shows. After this period, the model is privately delivered, with no further information disclosed.

Step into the Metaverse with confidence and legal clarity. Send us your design, and let’s begin crafting your exclusive digital yacht.

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Embark on an exquisite offer to design Alterdock’s 3D Model Yacht 3000 GT. This model; is a fully immersive experience, meticulously optimized and redesigned over a one-year period to engage and captivate.

Crafted to perfection, this digital yacht boasts a rich tapestry of virtual interactions, encompassing everything from media content creation to user engagement strategies. Our comprehensive solution elevates traditional yacht ownership to a new dimension, providing an unparalleled alternative experience for your discerning customers.

At Alterdock, we design magical virtual spaces that allow you to showcase your products and services in an unprecedented way. Whether it’s for clients, teams, or investors, our virtual marina acts as an interactive showroom—a place where business goals are not just met but surpassed with our additional support services.

Our platform is not only an exhibit space but also a collaborative workspace. Here, you can follow project progress, communicate with ease, and immerse yourself in a variety of experiences such as live streaming events or serene 3D virtual tours.

Key Features of our service include:
– A web-based multiuser 3D platform.
– A virtual yacht marina, showroom, and event & workspaces.
– Support for multiple channels.
– Custom-designed 3D yachts and advanced avatar customization.
– A CMS for managed content.
– Integrated video, audio, and text chat features.
– E-commerce connectivity for a seamless digital tool experience.

Delve into the Alterdock experience and connect with us to learn more. Let’s craft a unique and fully customizable digital solution that propels your business into the future.

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About Us is a project fromAlma Yachting that creates digital Yachting experiences in the metaverse, with ambition, innovation and care.


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